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A small hoard of 33 - consecutive  'Catterns' White 5 notes were auctioned off on 2 June 2007 

(Numbers 004/J 44323 to 004/J 44355

were discovered whilst throwing an old organ pipe onto a fire and a white 5 note fluttered out !

Luckily the pipe was removed from the flames before any serious damage could be done to the notes.

All of these notes being a consecutive run were in virtually uncirculated condition. 

They have a tiny amount of 'yellowing' which could be of age or from the heat of the fire !

* The example above shows a tiny part of 'yellowing' part way along the top edge - hardly noticeable ! 

There was fierce competition to purchase them from both collectors and dealers alike as Catterns white 5 pound notes have been scarce in any grade on dealers lists over the last few years. Each note was sold separately with the top price of 894.00 being paid for more than one of them !!!!  Which is amazing as all of the notes varied by only a small margin in grade !!


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