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For those of you who are curious as to what the code and ref refer to in my GB coin list here is an explanation. 

Many authors develop their own numbering system when preparing a new reference book - which can lead to some confusion when they all refer to the same item! A Peck 2502, Freeman 245, Spink 4154 & Coincraft EZ1D-015 all refer to the same coin and you would be forgiven for not knowing without looking it up that it is a British 1953 bronze penny!

In 1986 when considering the numbering system for my own book on the British Bronze penny I wanted to devise a system that would:

1. Be open ended - that would be able to start from any date and be able to go both backwards as well as forward.

2. Flexible - that it would be able to accommodate any amount of varieties.

3. Date recognition - that the date of the coin would be immediately identified.

4. Computer friendly - in that it would help to search for coins that were listed on a computer.

The central key to the system that I developed and now use revolves around using the coin's date as the central index and using a two letter prefix - which I call the code that identifies the denomination of the coin, i.e BP signifies a Bronze Penny.

The date is then followed by a suffix (or ref) of A; B; C etc. depending on the number of varieties that have been found for the date. Therefore BP 1953 A is the same 1953 Bronze Penny as the others authors identify - but in a more readily identifiable way!?

When ordering a coin please use the code, if you do not state which denomination you want. Using the ref is also important, as many dates have several varieties and this helps us identify the specific coin you require.