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Greek, Roman & Ancient coins:


Our good friend Alistair Mackay who has a large stock of ancient coins and other bits and pieces - nearly ALL with pictures.

So have a look and see what he has in stock  - He is always keen to buy, as well as sell.

I understand that all his coins are available to see via his FACEBOOK site which I no longer have a reference  for as I  am not a member of Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site.

Email Alistair at mackay.coins@gmail.com

We have a small stock of about 100 plus Greek & Roman coins in both copper and bronze as per the sample pictures above.  I regret but there has not been time to either list then or scan pictures of them.

The only coin we have scanned and priced is the gold Theodosius Solidus as shown below.

Theodosius I, A.D. 379-395. AU Solidus   Theodosius I, A.D. 379-395. AU Solidus

Theodosius I, A.D. 379-395. AU Solidus

In stock - 1500.00