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Welcome  to  the  web site of

Michael  Coins  Ltd

1821 Sovereign


  28 June 2018   

Obv. 1894 German New Guinea Half Mark


Advanced  Notice

The office will be closed from

Monday, 2 July

and will re-open for business on

Thursday, 19 July


The shop (Michael Coins) in Notting Hill, London closed 

at the end of May 2014 after 48 years of trading.


However, Michael Coins Ltd is continuing to sell 

Coins & Banknotes,


All orders will now only be dealt with by "Mail order"  


The New address is

Michael Coins

P. O. Box 3100




The new telephone number is


But please use it sensibly

Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

With NO set office hours

there might be times you cannot reach anyone !

However, if you leave your number on a voicemail -

PLEASE speak slowly so that your number can be written down.

If your number is grabbled or rushed we cannot call you back 

if we cannot understand what you have said or 

you speak so quickly we don't have time to write it down !

However, emails are answered as often as possible and that will probably

be the easiest way to get an answer to any question you might have.  


The email address remains the same

 Email:  michael@michael-coins.co.uk

or in case of difficulty with that address !?

you can also try



Please read the Terms as ANY order that is less than 18.50 

CANNOT be deal with due to the costs involved.


New British coins are being added

to the website in a systematic order.


At present -

Most of our British GOLD coins 

& Our Foreign GOLD coins 

are up to date & priced.


The British Coin & Banknotes

that are up to date are:- 

The Proof & UNC coin sets 

Most of the Decimal coins

 from 100 to decimal halfpence - 1/2 p


Including the Very RARE 1983 



The other GB coins up to date are:-

Crowns;  Double Florins;

Halfcrowns; Florins; Shillings; 

Sixpences; Maundy sets & Groats


Some of our Foreign coins 

from "A" to "C"

have been added.

But we have 100s more to add !


The Banknotes up to date are:-

The British White banknotes

& some GB banknotes up to 1970 !


The Scottish notes are complete.

 Most of our Gibraltar, Guernsey, 

Isle of Man & Jersey, banknotes also.


The Next coin items to be added 

to the website will be:

 The GB silver denominations of

Maundy 3ds; Silver 3ds & 1 pence

in that order !


After the UK silver coins have been added

A large collection of 

British: Copper & Bronze coins -

Pennies, Halfpennies, Farthings & fractional coins

 will be added. 

Followed by possibly

MORE G.B. banknotes 

or foreign coins 

Or even more foreign banknotes!


Some interesting items are in our "Extras" selection !


Hopefully, one day ALL world countries are to be added -

which will include both coins and banknotes. 


The coins & banknotes have been stored "off site" 

with a local storage company, for security reasons.


This site was first published in November 2000

Designed, produced and updated, on a near daily basis 

by Michael Gouby

Copyright 2000, All rights reserved