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Ex- Shop at 6 Hillgate Street, Notting Hill Gate, London  W8 7SR


The shop from 6 December 1966 to 8 May 2014 was called "Michael Coins".

The shop was sold in mid May 2014 with permission for it to  be converted back into a house. Eventually the front-window, signs, etc. as it was then will disappear. 


The owner was - Michael Gouby

He specialised in British bronze and copper coins from 1806 to 1970 and wrote several books of the subject of the British Bronze Penny.

Author: Michael Gouby

"The British Bronze Penny 1860 to 1970"; Circa 1986

"The British Bronze Coinage 1860 to 1869"; Circa 2006

and the 

"The British Bronze Penny (Victoria: 1860 to 1901) Specialised edition"; Circa 2009


Michael retired from running a shop in May 2014 but continues to help Michael Coins Ltd  trade and list new items as shown on the website - now via "Mail order" !

The shop, at 6 Hillgate Street

     as of 21 July 2106.


Work is ongoing into incorporating 

the shop and the flat above back 

into a single house and is to be

added to 8 Hillgate Street so as

to make one large house.


I have been advised that work

should be completed sometime

early in 2107.