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The United Kingdom had been short of 'small change'

since the Royal Mint stopped minting

Halfpenny & Farthing coins in


To meet this shortage in


Many merchants and  mining companies started

marking their own copper token coins for

denominations of pennies, halfpennies & farthings.

As long as they were of good copper these coin were

 accepted by the public. However, many light weight

and counterfeit coins appeared in the mid 1790's that in


the government  authorised Mathew Bolton at his

Soho mint, in Birmingham. to strike official

Copper Twopence and Penny coins.

 He received the contract due to the fact that he had

modern minting equipment and was capable of this task.

The requirement was for the striking of copper

Pennies & Twopence coins at their face value of copper

2 ounces for the Twopence &

1 ounce for the Penny coins.


722,000 Twopence were minted between

1797 & 1798. These large heavy coins were

never struck again as the price of copper rose

soon afterwards.

Their heavy weight was not popular with the public.


Due to the softness and weight of these pure

copper coins means that they bruise very

easily as they were often dropped !

They also their surface marks very easily !

Finding examples with bruises or surface marks

is normal. Only unused examples can be free of

any bruising. Coins with little to no bruises

would command a premium in any grade.

Finding coins in Very Fine or below

without little to no bruises are marks

is scarce and merits a premium in price.



CT 1797 A

With lustre

AU5/20 775.00
CT 1797 A

With traces of lustre


CT 1797 A

See picture

EF+ 425.00

Virtually any 1797 2d in

lower grade will now have

an edge bruise - somewhere !

Without would be unusual !

CT 1797 A Obv. Small edge bruise 4 & 5 o'clock EF-EF+ 350.00
CT 1797 A

Rev. Hairline scratch olive branch to T

EF 300.00
CT 1797 A

Rev. Tiny edge nick 8 o'clock

EF/EF? 235.00
CT 1797 A

Obv. Slight edge bruise 3 o'clock

EF? 215.00
CT 1797 A Obv. Tiny bruise at 3 o'clock VF+ 185.00
CT 1797 A

Obv. Pin-head indents in field

EF?/EF 175.00
CT 1797 A Obv. Slight bruise 4, 11 & 12 o'clock


CT 1797 A

Slightly more bruising than the EF?

example above but still a good coin

EF? 125.00
CT 1797 A

Slightly more bruising than the VF+

example above but still a good coin

VF+ 115.00
CT 1797 A Little to no bruises ! VF 95.00
CT 1797 A Little to no bruises ! F+-VF? 60.00
CT 1797 A Little to no bruises F-Fine+ 50.00
CT 1797 A Obv. Virtually no edge bruises    
    Rev. Slight bruises & a couple of digs Fine+ 45.00
CT 1797 A Obv. Slight edge bruises    
    Rev. Slight scuffing in centre Fine+ 40.00
CT 1797 A Obv. Bruises & small indent in centre Fine+ 37.50
CT 1797 A Little to no bruises Fair-Fine 35.00
CT 1797 A Bruises, etc. Fine 25.00
CT 1797 A Quite a lot of edge bruising Fine+-VF? 20.00


CT 1797 A

Obv. With die crack across top

Left for Reference



Mystery imprint on coin !?

CT 1797 & Obv. incuse imprint at 6 o'clock    
    Open to offers or suggestions VF+  



Re-strike Proofs

CT 1797 R Re-strike proof - Type R48    
    Peck 1078 - Bronzed [Rare) EF+/pAS 725.00


CT 1805 R9 Pattern - Re-strike - Type R93
Peck 1313 - Bronzed  (Rare) Out of


Left for reference 

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