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1841 Copper Penny - The 1st currency penny issue for Victoria (1839 is proof only - issued in the set).

This particular variety with colon dots after REG: is very difficult to obtain and is far rarer than the catalogues suggest. I have seen between 15 to 20 examples of 1841 pennies WITHOUT colon dots after REG to every one I have seen WITH COLON DOTS.  

A recent collection of copper pennies, sold in auction had every rare and scarce date including 1827, 1837, 1843, 1849, 1856 & 1860 over 59, mostly in EF condition. The collection did have TWO 1841 pennies but both were without colon dots after REG !


There are a couple of very minor little scuffs and a tiny dark patch on the front of Victoria's throat. Otherwise the coin is unused and I consider to be EF to EF+ in grade.


* The reverse die used for this proof is with colon dots after REG: and it is more than likely that when it was finished being used as a proof die it was used to strike the rare 1841 currency pennies also with colon dots after REG:. We know for a fact that it was the proof die that were used for the 1841 currency coins, with colon dots after REG:,  as they are identical in all ways, including a repaired letter

It is therefore probably that only ONE reverse die was ever used to make the proof and then the currency coins.


Making the 1841 currency penny WITH COLON DOTS after REG: - Rare !


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