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1815  FRANCE

In 1815, French King Louis XVIII passed approval for the 20 Franc Gold Coin to be struck by The Royal Mint during his exile.  

The purpose of this was for the British army to pay their troops in France during 1815 in the period before the battle of Waterloo, giving them a currency that locals would accept.

British troops were occupying parts of North-western France, but some of the coins found their way to Paris and were considered counterfeits by the monetary authorities.

The French minting authorities were appalled. There was an exchange of diplomatic letters between France and England and the activity was stopped. No coins were struck after 30 November 1815.

A unique type historical coin as having been produced by the London Royal Mint for the French ! Due to the French Mints attitude to these coins most were melted down as quickly as possible.

Mintage: 871,581

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