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2016 Gibraltar

The Great Re-coinage

Complete gold set



In 2016 Gibraltar had issued a 6 coin set to commemorate "The 200th

Anniversary of The Great Re-Coinage of the gold coins of that period".

There is a separate certificate issued for each of the coins in the set.

Only 99 sets were issued of the complete set. This set is No. 15

A booklet is included in reference to "The Great Re-Coinage"

The coins are in slabbed capsules housed in a Deluxe box of issue.

6 Coins were struck - all in 22 carat gold, as per of that time:

The 5 Guineas: at 41.75 grams = 1.2308 AGW

The 2 Guineas: at 16.70 grams = 0.4923 AGW

The 1 Guinea:  at 8.35 grams   = 0.2462 AGW

The Guinea: at 4.175 grams  = 0.1231 AGW

The ⅓ Guinea: at 2.783 grams  = 0.0821 AGW

The Guinea: at 2.0875 grams = 0.0615 AGW

A total of 75.8455 grams = 2.236 ounces of AGW

This set was purchased and paid for on 21 October 2017.

The gold price on that day was 974.27(am) to 973.20(pm).

The bullion price of the set would have been valued at 2,177.86

The (deceased) client paid 6,995.00 - as shown on the invoice !!??

We have been asked to sell this set by the collector's estate for the

following price:  Bullion + 5%

For example if gold is trading at 1,575.00 per ounce the price would be:

1.575.00 x 2.236 oz AGW = 3,521.70 x 5% = 3,707.00

As you can see the price of gold has virtually doubled since

2017, when the set was bought but the price now being

asked is virtually half of that paid, at that time.


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