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Ireland. 50 Ecu Gold Proof 1990.

22 carat gold:   28 mm.    AGW 0.4421 oz

Issued in 1990 by the Central Bank of Ireland, when the planning commission for the Euro met in Dublin. The design, by Thomas Ryan, President of the Royal Hiberian Society, continues the W.B. Yeats's harp and animal theme for the Irish coinage, introduced in 1928.

A harp surrounded by the 12 stars, for each of the original 12 Euro countries, around below reading down, the proposed denomination, 50 ecu, which was rejected for being too French, in favour of the Euro.

The reverse a Red Deer or Stag of Ireland, EIRE above and the date 1990 below the exergual line.

This was the first gold coin issued by Ireland since the Gold Pistole issued in 1646.

Sold in the original screw capsule. No box or certificate.

5000 issued.  

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