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Seller rights on eBay / PayPal

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Seller rights on eBay / PayPal

Unread postby Erwin van den Buys (10009-R) on Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:56 pm

Dear fellow collectors,

Since half a year we are selling a huge banknote collection on eBay on a 10-day basis, hard work, still for more than a year to go.
The hardest work is, that we frequently face buyers who so-called "didn't receive their package", knowing that 99% of those cases the package still in transit is, or stuck at customs. We send all packages by registered mail and higher value packages by courier (free of charge by the way), and the tracking number can be easily checked on several websites, however buyers don't seem to check this often, it's easier not to communicate and file a case immediately.
We, as a seller, have to additionally contact numerously by phone abroad customs, post offices and courier services, including PayPal and eBay, trying to clarify everything and to get delivery proofs, and spending lots of time and money. If not, we guaranteed lose the case.
Nevertheless, since the Buyer on eBay has all the rights and the Seller has no rights, cases are always closed by refunding the buyer, no matter what, even if the status still shows "in transit", eBay and PayPal are believing the buyer in the first place, regardless of tracking evidences. eBay is therefore an easy place to buy notes, receive them and complain you didn't receive them, refund is guaranteed on top of your (future) received notes.

The best example was last year with suspicious buyer betrillionaire from Dallas, Texas.
Mr. Mansouri won several notes (including expensive Iranian notes) for about 1000 USD and were sent in 3 different packages (2 by Post, 1 by DHL). He received none ...... he said, and filed a case on PayPal (not on eBay strangely!).
We had written proofs and delivery certificates from the Post that 1 package indeed was delivered, we had official certificates and electronic proofs from DHL that the package was delivered at his address and the 3rd one was stuck at customs. Mr. Mansouri made not any effort to contact a post office or customs.
Guess what, all 3 were reimbursed by PayPal, while all evidence was given on PayPal to defend from our side.

Has anybody got similar experiences on eBay with cheating buyers? Or any advice on such scenarios?
How can we, as a seller, protect ourselves against such buyers, knowing that the support is not coming at all from eBay or PayPal. Considering also that only the sellers are continuously financing eBay and PayPal through its numerous fees, it is even more frustrating to be handled like that.......
In case packages are indeed stuck at customs, what is happening then? Stuck forever? Ending up in an incinerator? Maybe returned?

Erwin van den Buys
Erwin van den Buys (10009-R)
Posts: 32
Joined: Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:45 am
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Re: Seller rights on eBay / PayPal

Unread postby Erwin van den Buys (10009-R) on Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:12 pm

Hi Aaron,

It is indeed a difficult topic, depending from which angle you look, and you are right too.
However, I was also a devoted buyer for 10 years, buying each and every month, and faced only 1 trouble.

My main issue is, as a seller now, if the post office gives me a signed proof of delivery, and even if DHL issued me an official delivery certificate for another case, with address, date and delivery time mentioned, this is still not sufficient for eBay or PayPal to proof that the package had been delivered, the buyer still got refunded, just imagine. This is mindblowing. What more proof can we give?........
Yes, registered mail is more safe, but certainly not a guarantee for eBay or PayPal.

I hope you receive yours, most probably stuck at customs, which is indeed common in the US, but that's another big gray area......

Erwin van den Buys (10009-R)
Posts: 32
Joined: Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:45 am
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Re: Seller rights on eBay / PayPal

Unread postby Zlatko Viscevic (10489-R) on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:36 am

I'm on eBay since 2004 and I generally like it. However, it is really frustrating for sellers. You have to follow their policy: buyer is always right, no matter what he does and no matter how stupid he is. If he opens a case, he will always win it. I spent hours and hours on phone line with eBay stuff explaining various cases, but they always treated buyer as a weaker side and me as a buyer as suspicious side. Majority of my clients are excellent and honest people. If there are some problems, we resolve them in friendly manner. Unfortunately, there is always that 1% of bad clients, swindlers, really stupid clients who make a mess.

Zlatko Viscevic (10489-R)
Posts: 86
Joined: Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:27 am
Location: Croatia
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