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This is a set of 5 gold coins issued for Saint Helena in 2020.

Issued by 'The East India Company' to commemorate the

200th anniversary of Gold Sovereign type coins issues in the

reign of George III. All coins are issued as proofs in 22 carat gold.


The 5 Sovereign gold proof coin

Reverse design:

St. George & the Dragon

Denomination: 5 / 5 Sovereigns

Weight: 39.4 grams (1.1617 AGW)

The 2 Sovereign gold proof coin

Reverse design:

(Mexican) captured 8 Reales

countermarked with octagonal

hallmark stamp as 'Emergency'

issue - value: 4 Shillings and

9 Pence (instead of 5 Shillings !)

Denomination: 2 / 2 Sovereigns

Weight: 15.98 grams (0.4703 AGW)


The 1 Sovereign gold proof coin

Reverse design:

Spade Guinea design

Denomination: 1 / 1 Sovereign

Weight: 7.98 grams (0.2354 AGW)


The 1/2 Sovereign gold proof coin

Reverse design:

Silver Halfcrown - Crowned Garter

and Shield design

Denomination: 0.50 / 1/2 Sovereign

Weight: 3.99 grams (0.1175 AGW)


The 1/4 Sovereign gold proof coin

Reverse design:

Silver Shilling - (1787) 4 shields &

4 Crowns design. Known as the

Dorrien & Magens Shilling

Denomination: 0.25 / 1/4 Sovereign

Weight: 2.00 grams (0.0588 AGW)



There were only 100 sets issued and this set is listed as No. 20.

There is also included an excellent booklet on the history of each

of the coins in the deluxe box of issue.


This set sold out very quickly by 'The East India Company'

and I can only find one example offered for sale, at present,

and that is on the website of Chards Gold Coins for 7,458.00 at



'The East India Company' appears to have a couple of the 5 Sovereign

coins available, still, for sale - separately at 3,495.00 at



We can offer the Full 5 coin gold set at  6,000.00

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