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              1914  Bradbury One Pound - T3 - 1st issue - 3rd Series - Type 4 - 7 digits
                       (Sideways watermark)   B/40  No. 0071006


        Inverted watermark GATSOP - for POSTAGE from sideways part of the stamp sheet.

                                      Between ONE POUND & the number & John Bradbury signature.

                SIDEWAYS watermark - GvR  (crowned) - 

        not very clear but the best that the scanner & Photopshop can show.  Extremely RARE

       Obv. Clean & flat 

       Rev. Very slightly dirty at top centre and a couple of creases found when held to the light !

       Probably pressed at some stage  otherwise rare example with 7 digits and sideways watermark.

       * Not sure how many up right One Pound notes were printed per sheet. Possibly 3 x 9 as is seen

         on the above sheet - part of the 3rd upright note is clearly visible to the right , at the top.

         Which would equate to 27 upright (minimum) and only 4 sideways.

         Making a sideways watermark One Pound 6.75 times rarer than an upright One Pound !

         This rarity reflects in the price.

     ** Sheet of 1 plus 4 sideways is part of a picture in an early edition of Pam West's book
        "English Paper Money". Cannot remember which edition !?

         Grade: EF/EF?

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