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1846 Copper penny - Type 3 - Colon dots after DEF:  are now close

* The Colon dots after BRITANNIAR are very weak to virtually non existent !


                       (Faint Far colons)


It would appear that the variety - Type 3 - close colon dots after DEF: are possibly the result of the far colon on the die becoming clogged or weak. Therefore 'new' colon dots were added but in a different place !  This is an example of the close colon dot repair - as very faint (far) colon dots can just be seen ! (listed as CP 1846 Ba)

As the colon dots after BRITANNIAR have also weakened and not been repaired on this die suggests that it is was originally a Type 1 die - with only the colon dots after DEF repaired.


* Normally this die is seen without any traces of the far colon dots after DEF (1846 & 1847). 

I would be interested to see any example for either of these dates with strong colon dots after BRITANNIAR - for Type 3 (colon dots after DEF: [close]).  


For 1851, the other date that uses this close colon die DEF: die - I have only seen with full strong colon dots after BRITANNIAR:  

Any examples of 1851 - reverse type 3 - with weak colon dots after BRITANNIA I would also be pleased to see.

To see if they carried on using some of the old dies or only the new repaired dies ?!

Reverse Type 3 for 1846 is far scarcer than Type 1 (far colon dots after DEF   :)

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