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                         CP 1859 Aa                                   (enlargement)

1859 Copper Penny - Larger size date

1 - As per 1858 Hb  1 over a smaller 1 - a bit sticks out (lower and to the left to top bar)

     The 1 is tall and thin (extends above the height of the 8).

8 - This example appears to be over smaller 8 - but not always clear !

     * Note position of the 5 which is to the right of the 'doubled' border tooth.


                         CP 1859 Ab

1859 Copper Penny - Large size date - Similar to CP 1859 Ab except that,

1 - Is shorter and slightly thick and is now the same height as the other numerals.

     Only a tiny fragment of a shorter 1 now shows just below the top serif, at the left.



                          CP 1859 B

1859 Copper Penny - smaller size date

1 - Is shorter & NO  trace of 'bit' of 1 (lower and to the left of the top bar)

8 - Is narrower

5 - is narrower and extends  just below the other numerals - at base

9 - is smaller and the end of the tail is thinner

*  'Large' border tooth is central below 5


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