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Welcome  to  the  web site of

Michael  Coins

1821 Sovereign


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Obv. 1894 German New Guinea Half Mark


New postal rates from 1 April 2014

See Terms


Random New items are ADDED to the website - Daily

All items SOLD are removed from the site - Daily !

All items highlighted in red are being held for payment


For a first time buyer if you wish to order an item please read our

Terms - there is nothing complicated about them but it may 

explain a few questions that you might have. Thank you.


All denominations of our

 British coins are listed

Gold to 1/4 farthings

Our British Banknote stock

is partly listed - 1914 to 1970.

Bradbury to Fforde

Work was started on listing

'World Coins'

This will be a VERY long task !!

"A" 's; "B" 's & USA has been added. 

 The "C" 's have been started.

So far up to

the 1st part of Canada 

(1 to 20 Dollars + sets)

Some World banknotes are listed 

Only the following countries so far:

 GibraltarIrish Republic, Northern Ireland,  

Guernsey, Jersey (Channel Islands),  

Isle of Man & Scotland

Listing of further world coins and banknotes only happens once we have added any new British coins or (banknotes and foreign coins already listed) - to the website. As we try and keep all that is shown as up to date as possible !

However we do have a large range of world coins & banknotes marked up and in stock - for clients that call into our shop - that we are as yet unlisted on our website - due to lack of time !!


We buy and sell all types of 

British & World  Coins, 

British & World  Banknotes

as well as

Books and Accessories.


A Video of the song "Michael Coins"

How the song and video came about




Michael Coins - shop

We are primarily a retail shop located at:

6  Hillgate  Street

Notting Hill  Gate

 London  W8  7SR  

  United Kingdom (UK)

(() Telephone

National:  020 7727 1518

International: +4420 7727 1518

 Email:  michael@michael-coins.co.uk  *


~ Opening Hours ~

10:00am and 5:00pm:

 Monday to Friday


On occasions we can be available outside these hours - 

by special appointment!

but not on either Saturday or Sunday

We regret  

that listing ALL our remaining stock is taking so long - 

and that we are concentrating on GB coins -

 but that appears to be where the main interest lies!

The exposure of our stock on this web site has increased 

sales dramatically. 

Regrettably, the downside is

this leaves less time to work on adding NEW web pages !

Just keeping our site updated 'daily' is a full time task !


In the meantime if you have any comments, suggestions 

or require anything please let us know !

Now - Please look around our site!


This site was first published in November 2000

Designed, produced and updated, daily, by Michael Gouby

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